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If you want a healthier and more attractive smile and, you will want to make sure that your teeth are in good condition. In cases of severe dental damage, your dentist may suggest a restoration. Your dentist’s recommendation will be based on your needs and your smile goals.

Dental crowns are designed to not only improve the look of teeth but to give them an additional layer of protection. Crowns cover a tooth on all sides down to the gumline. They are extremely popular for teeth that are severely damaged and can even often be used to restore the function of teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Dental crowns are known for their durability and can last up to a lifetime of use.

Dental veneers work in much the same way as dental crowns by covering the front of your tooth with a protective shell. However, dental veneers are only bonded to the fronts of teeth, leaving the other areas of your teeth vulnerable to damage. For this reason, it is important to make sure you always clean the hidden sides of a tooth that are not covered by dental veneers.

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