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If you want your baby to have a strong, healthy and top-notch smile, then you need to make smile care a top priority. Unfortunately, there are many dental problems that could attack their little chompers and gums and negatively affect their oral health. If you care for their smile, the chances of your baby falling victim to those dental issues decrease. Those dental issues are:

-Baby bottle tooth decay: This dental problem is very serious because it can cause multiple cavities on multiple teeth. Cavities are not fun! Baby bottle tooth decay oftentimes occurs when the baby’s teeth are exposed to sugar for long periods of time. It’s most often common when the baby is sent to bed with a bottle of milk. Please avoid doing so as much as possible.

-Tooth misalignment: Oral fixation habits, like sucking the thumb and using a pacifier, can cause misaligned teeth. This is because the habits apply unnatural pressure to the teeth and shift them. It’s best to help your baby avoid these habits as much as possible because tooth misalignment not only causes an unattractive smile, but it also causes an unhealthy smile.

-Oral injuries: When kids are active, they oftentimes trip and fall. Sometimes the fall can involve hitting the mouth on something hard and causing an oral injury. If possible, baby-proof the house and try to avoid those mouth-damaging spills. If they do happen to suffer an oral injury, make sure to bring them into our office as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions about baby smile care in Hays, Kansas? If so, please reach out to Lifetime Dental Care by dialing (785) 498-7130 and talk to a member of our dental team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Lowe, if you think your baby might already suffer from one or more of these problems. We look forward to helping you and your baby!