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You and your braces are going to be with each other for a while. No, it won’t be forever, even if it may feel like it from time to time. But you will have them on for a period of months, and in some cases for over a year. Your braces represent a significant investment of time and money in improving your oral health, and you need to make sure that you keep them in good shape.

One way you can do that is by watching what you eat. Hard, tough or sticky foods can damage your braces, or pieces of them can become lodged in your braces, causing not only problems for your braces, but discomfort for you. It is also important that you clean your braces after each meal and snack. Rinse your mouth to remove any loose food particles, Hold your toothbrush at 45-degree angle to your teeth. Brush along your gum lines and then from your gum to the brackets and then below the brackets. The brush along the wire. You should go slowly and brush one or two teeth at a time. When you are finished, carefully floss your teeth and your braces and then rinse your mouth again to remove any food particles that may have been loosened by brushing.

Occasionally, you may damage your braces. Your first reaction may be to panic. But you need to resist that urge, and istead call our dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Lowe for instructions. If you break a wire, you can try gently pushing it back into place. If it is still bothering you, try coating it with dental wax until you can come into the office. You may want to try cutting the wire. Before you do that, contact us first. If you do cut the wire, you could run the risk of swallowing the piece you cut off. If you have a loose band, schedule an appointment to have it cemented back into place. If it falls out, save it and bring it with you to your next appointment. If you lose a spacer, let us know. In most cases, that is just an indication that you need to have a new band placed. If you have a loose bracket, cover it with dental wax until we can see you. If your dental work is still causing you discomfort, try rinsing your mouth with a mixture of salt and water. When you call, we may want you to come in as soon as you can, but in some cases, you may be able to wait until your next regular adjustment appointment.

If you are thinking about getting braces in Hays, Kansas, we would be delighted to see you at Lifetime Dental Care. If you would like to make an appointment for an exam and consultation, call 785-261-0221 today. We’re looking forward to your visit!