Experience a Better Smile with a CEREC® Dental Crown

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Have you ever heard of the benefits that CEREC® technology can offer to enhance your smile? Although CEREC is most commonly associated with the world class dental crowns it can produce, CEREC materials are also used for dental fillings. No matter which CEREC service you desire, our team can help you.

Experience a better smile with a CEREC dental crown. For a better idea of what CEREC can do for you, see the list of benefits below:

– CEREC dental crowns can be created and delivered in a single day.

– CEREC dental crowns can be sculpted and modified to fit your exact needs based on color, curvature, size, and shape.

– CEREC dental crowns are designed directly at the dentist office with a specialized computer to ensure a perfect fit without the need for patients to wear uncomfortable temporary crowns.

– CEREC dental crowns are extremely durable and can last for over a decade.

– CEREC dental fillings can mimic the look of your natural teeth, and thanks to their porcelain design, they can be more durable than composite fillings.

If you are interested in a CEREC crown from Lifetime Dental Care at our dentist office in Hays, Kansas, call us as (785) 498-7130. Dr. Jeffrey Lowe and our team want to ensure your teeth remain clean for a lifetime to come.