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Are you worried that your child will develop cavities due to an increased risk of sugar exposure at their young age? Although having food and drink restrictions and limitations in place for your child can certainly help, another supplementary oral health care benefit that can improve their smile is dental sealants, which act as a secondary layer over their tooth to provide extra support for the enamel in preventing damage to your teeth. Listed below are the many perks and benefits of dental sealants:

– Did you know that although sealants are not needed for infants, they can be placed in children as young as six? Sealants are most beneficial for molars, which usually grow in when a child is around six years of age.

– Did you know that sealants are beneficial for the aesthetics of your teeth, as they are clear and will not change the natural look of your smile?

– Did you know that you can limit the risk of tooth decay in your mouth by 80% with dental sealants?

– Did you know that dental sealants can guard your teeth by ensuring that harmful acids in your mouth cannot penetrate your tooth enamel?

– Did you know that a single dental sealant can deliver long-lasting protection for years, up to a decade before they may need to be reapplied or replaced?

– Did you know that dental sealants can ensure that children are three times less likely to have cavities?

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