Tired of Tooth Stains? Dental Veneers Can Help

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No one wants to deal with dental flaws in their smile, including deep tooth stains that are beyond the help of tooth whitening treatment. Instead of living with tooth stains, ask our dentist about porcelain dental veneers for a whiter and more uniform smile.

These thin and custom shaped shells look like natural tooth faces that are free of dental flaws, giving your teeth improved color and contour. Porcelain material is much less susceptible to discoloration and stains than natural tooth enamel, though they may develop minor stains if you have poor oral hygiene or frequently eat dark food. Porcelain can keep your smile looking beautiful for many years due to its durability.

First, our dentist determines how much tooth enamel each tooth has and whether too little enamel, tooth decay or old fillings means the teeth can’t support veneers and should receive a porcelain dental crown instead. Healthy teeth are then used to cast a detailed impression of your smile so that skilled technicians at a dental lab use your natural teeth as a guide to custom craft your cosmetic shells.

Following the completion of the veneers, we will schedule a second appointment to ensure the dental veneers fit well and don’t appear bulky, which will include removing some natural tooth enamel before the veneers are cemented onto the teeth.

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