It is normal to experience some fear or anxiety while visiting the dentist. However, extreme levels of anxiety can lead to problems down the road and can prevent you from receiving the care you need to enjoy good oral health. Lifetime Dental Care offers sedation dentistry to help deal with dental anxiety in Hays, Kansas. For more information on dental anxiety and our relaxation treatments and make your appointment with Dr. Jeffrey H. Lowe and our associates, please contact us at 785-625-7969.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia describe the degrees of fear, anxiety and stress that patients experience when visiting the dentist. In the most extreme cases of dental phobia, patients may experience panic attacks and nausea both before and during their appointment. This level of anxiety can cause people to intentionally avoid necessary dental care, including routine cleanings and exams.

Avoiding regular dental care can have major consequences. If you have any existing dental problems, they will not be diagnosed and treated. For example, untreated cavities can lead to more severe decay, toothaches and even tooth loss. Gum disease can cause gum recession and tooth loss.

Sedation dentistry will help you to deal with your anxiety and phobia and receive the care you need without experiencing fear or discomfort. There are several different levels of sedation to meet your needs. Light sedation typically uses nitrous oxide, while moderate and deeper levels of relaxation can be reached with oral or IV sedation methods.

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