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If you have fluoride toothpaste, you’re on the right track toward a top-notch brushing routine. Little did you know, fluoride toothpaste is a special product. This is because fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens and nourishes your teeth, giving you a stronger and healthier smile that can prevent cavities and enamel erosion. This is why it’s important to expose your teeth to fluoride regularly. To help you properly use your fluoride toothpaste, our dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Lowe, has some instructions for you.

When it comes to the right amount of toothpaste to use when you brush, your age is all that matters. If you are under 3 years old, you should not use fluoride toothpaste at all. It’s best to use water or non-fluoridated paste that’s OK to swallow. If you are 3-6 years old, it’s best to use a rice-sized amount of toothpaste when you brush. If you are 7 years old and older, it’s best to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when you brush. You don’t need to cover your toothbrush bristles with the paste.

It’s important to brush your teeth twice a day (every morning and night) for two minutes each time. In the morning, it’s best to leave the toothpaste on your teeth for at least 30 minutes. This means you shouldn’t rinse your mouth with water after you brush. Doing this can help the fluoride further strengthen your tooth enamel.

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